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In this website you can download Flatus, a simulation software for high resolution depth profiling techniques using ion beams, namely Medium Energy Ion Scattering (MEIS) and Resonant Nuclear Reaction Profiling (RNRP). Flatus is based on advanced ion energy loss models for ion matter interactions in the medium energy regime - see references, below.

Download Flatus

Flatus was developed by Rafael Pezzi. During his undergraduate and master studies his work was focused on the implementation of numerical solutions of the stochastic theory of energy loss in matter for Resonant Nuclear Reaction Analysis (RNRA). The development of energy loss models for MEIS and its implementation for MEIS was accomplished during his PhD.

Flatus implements state of the art ion energy loss models for the simulation of RNRA and MEIS spectra without multiple scattering. Details about the models can be found in the references, bellow.

Download Flatus 3.0 beta

Use Flatus 3 for the simutaion of Resonant Nuclear Reaction Analysis and Medium Energy Ion Scattering (MEIS) spectra for elemental depth profiling.

Energy correction values for single collisions can be obtained from CasP. This correction considers the energy lost during the small impact parameter collision.

Download Flatus 2.0

Use Flatus 2 for the simulation of Resonant Nuclear Reaction Analysis (RNRA) for elemental depth profiling.

The development of an open source version of Flatus started by Matheus Muller, released under the GPL 3.0. OpenFlatus is available in this git repository.


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